About Us

About Us

We love to feed people, It’s as simple as that! Our passion is good food and we are driven by this mantra with a dedication to share with you what we love so much! We connect people and communities with fun, food and philanthropy. We believe we can help make the world a more beautiful place.

Heather Hancock

Heather is Southern born and raised in the USA and started cooking with her parents at the age of three. She has been obsessed with feeding people ever since. She moved to Sydney in her twenties and is a proud Australian. She has worked in several industries including advertising, marketing and fundraising but decided at the age of forty that her passion could be part of her career, so she went to work at the local butcher which led to working in their prep kitchen with her now business partner JB, which led to some small catering work which then turned into a retail café/shop then a full-time catering and meal delivery service. She is a passionate advocate for responsible food sourcing, ethical eating and nutrition and flavour above all else. She has raised three kids who are passionate about good food and has a husband who is her best testing ground for new recipes and a mutt called Lillie Midnight who happily eats any mistakes..

JB Alexandre

JB is a French born classically trained chef from the Burgundy region. He has worked in fine-dining restaurants all over the world including Lyon, Dublin and New York. He cooks everything from scratch for Baptiste & Wilson including stocks and soup bases. He believes in flavour and authenticity in his food. JB is known as a machine in the kitchen and he can and does do the work of two people in a normal day. He and Heather originally bonded over a competition of whose grandmother had the best chicken salad mix recipe. JB immigrated to Australia in 2014 and recently was granted an Akubra and beer mug by the Aussie government. He is half-Belgian so quite the beer critic and he runs marathons to keep his svelte figure. In his spare time, he likes to pickle various vegetables and occasionally bakes a cake for fun…then eats it.